Quicken Home Inventory Manager

Quicken Home Inventory Manager 1.2

Quicken Home Inventory Manager keeps track of your belongings, all in one place
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Intuit, Inc

A photo inventory tool lets you drag and drop photos into Quicken Home Inventory Manager for more complete recording and faster insurance claim processing.
Now it’s easy to prove what you paid for each item, and what it’s worth, to help ensure your insurance company pays what it should. Providing your insurance company with proof of ownership helps eliminate back-and-forth hassles. Plus, having a comprehensive record ensures you won’t forget to claim any items. Import your information into Quicken for a true picture of your total net worth.

- Monitors your insurance coverage
- Takes some of the stress out of moving
- Makes a backup file in case of an emergency
- Identifies beneficiaries
- Provides reports with a mouse-click
- Includes your belongings in your net worth

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